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Food Manufacturing

A single incident of food contamination, or poor facility hygiene could have a disastrous impact on a company's reputation. For Food Manufacturers, we ensure food quality during processing, storage, packing and transportation using the latest technology combined with international standard methods that ensure that testing is performed using Gold Standard Methods and in the fastest turnaround times. In addition, Ugene Laboratories are able to provide a range of chemical testing services that ensure that food is free from antibiotic residues, pesticides and other chemicals that may cause issues with food safety or taste.



Poor cleaning practices or the poor performance of cleaning can leave dirty residues in both food and non-food processing environments in hotels. The presence of these invisible reservoirs of bacteria and viruses can quickly lead to guest illnesses. Through hygiene audits and food testing, we help hotels prevent a negative guest experience, and protect their reputation.


Restaurants and Cafes

Restaurants, food retailers and their consumers want to be comfortable that their food is safe for consumption. To help provide that comfort, at Ugene Laboratories we test food for general bacterial contamination, food pathogens (e.g. bacteria) and chemical contaminants such as   antibiotics and pesticides.



Retailers who sell food or drink products need to be sure that they are selling their customers products at the optimum quality. Therefore, through our testing you will be able to confirm quality to meet health and safety standards.


Aquaculture and the Seafood Industry

We serve the Aquaculture Seafood Industries offering a comprehensive range of analytical tests of general use including bacterial and fungal counts and specific bacterial pathogens including Salmonella, Listeria, Group B Streptococci and also selected viral pathogens including Norovirus.



Environmental Testing is a service that has been offered by Ugene Laboratories for many years for the presence of bacteria and fungi which has now been expanded to include food pathogens using both conventional and also newer more rapid methods. In addition, we are looking to expand these services to include viruses of potential interest. 


Chinese Medicine

The increasing popularity and widespread use of traditional Chinese herbs as alternative medicine have increased the demand on testing in this industry to ensure safety and quality.



We serve the Agriculture industry by offering a comprehensive range of analytical techniques in order to ensure animal feeds are safe for consumption. 

Food Laboratory


We take pride in being valuable to companies in several industries and are always trying to explore new ones.

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