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Automation and Speed

1- Sample Preparation

    Automated processes are ensuring efficiency and accuracy:

  • Sample diluents are prepared automatically in bulk volumes.

  • Sample dilution is performed automatically using automated weighing/ dilution stations.

2- Plate Counts 

  • Most often requested test in food testing laboratories.  

  • Ugene has invested in systems that will automate the performance of both pour plate counts and surface counts. 

  • Additional systems can form colony counts on plates, read bar codes on plates, record and store photographic results of plate counts for future reference and interface with a LIMS system to eliminate errors in data handling. 

3- Pathogen Testing 

Using the Singlas Approved Salmonella and Listeria systems which are capable of processing up to 500 samples per day which provides a significant advantage in outbreak situations during which high numbers of samples are required to be tested.   


4- Ugene PCR Systems

  • Integration with automated sample preparation system which will automatically prepare up to 96 samples in 25 minutes providing an automated PCR system which can be used for the detection of both bacterial food pathogens, viruses and investigate food integrity (vegan and halal).

  • Using these systems, testing is now able to achieve within 24 hours what has traditionally taken 4 – 5 days to achieve.


Ugene Laboratories offer significant improvements to the accuracy of the results reported by the laboratory through using the latest technologies. The most important element to increasing the accuracy of any testing is the reduction of variation due to technician variation.

This variation can include but is not limited to:

  • Higher accuracy in sample measurement and dilution.

  • Increased accuracy in the performance of plate counts including both the automated performance of plate counts and also the reading of plate count results.

  • Automated pathogen directly connected to LIMS Systems allowing direct reporting.

  • Increased accuracy by the adoption of very sensitive and specific molecular testing methods.


Ugene Laboratories are committed to the introduction of a range of innovative technologies that will provide an innovative range of services not offered previously in Singapore.

These currently include:

 1- Listeria Testing 

  • Rapid 24-Hour test for environmental samples.

  • SAC Singlas Approved & sole supplier of this service in Singapore.

 2- Rapid 24 hour testing

  • For:

    • Enterobacteriaceae

    • Total E.coli Count

    • Coagulase positive Staphylococcus aureus

    • Bacillus cereus

    • Clostridium perfringens

    • Salmonella

  • SAC Singlas Approved & sole supplier of these service in Singapore


  3- PCR Testing

  • Testing of Oysters and Soft Fruits for Norovirus.

  • This technology will soon be able to offer testing for a wide range of other food borne bacteria and other viruses; Hepatitis A and possibly environmental testing for viruses including Covid-19 from surfaces and packaging.

  • Food Integrity Testing (Vegan and Halal).


 4- Bacterial Identification 

  • Automated and rapid.

  • This technology will allow the identification of up to 96 different bacteria within 30 minutes with a database of 3,850 different bacteria, yeasts and fungi.

  • Current commercial systems can take up to 48 hours and can only identify a small number of bacterial species.

Ugene Lab Automation & Speed

Automation & Speed

Ugene Lab Accuracy


Ugene Lab Innovative


Lab in Singapore


We are a pioneer in Singapore in leveraging new technologies.

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