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It is fundamental for anyone adhering to a halal diet that they can trust the authenticity of your products and their sources. We at Ugene Laboratories are pleased to be able to offer a range of testing processes to ensure the products you create for your customers are of the highest quality and composition. We offer Halal Testing of a wide range of sample types from our Singapore based laboratory.

Our Halal testing services include: 

  • Real-time PCR based assay 

  • Flexible process: both cooked and raw pork DNA detected in any material 

  • Sensitive: able to detect as low as 1ppm (%0.0001) pork or 100 copies of pork DNA 

  • Reliable: Internal Positive Control (IPC) provides process-control check for PCR inhibitors 

  • SAC SINGLAS Approved Method (LA-1998-146-A)

Product Sample Types:

  • Cosmetics 

  • Pharmaceuticals including gelatine capsules

  • Chinese Herbal Medicines

  • Meat & Meat-based products (Raw and Processed)

  • All other general food type

We can also undertake alcohol testing in our Chemistry Department giving you trusted and verified results and ensuring full halal compliance for your Muslim customers.

We can test for the presence of pork DNA in food and feed samples to verify if any adulteration or cross-contamination has occurred from purchased ingredients or during the manufacturing process.

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