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Environmental monitoring is a method which mitigates the potential risk to producing safe food/beverage

One of the most critical and manageable is environmental monitoring, which can help verify you are cleaning effectively and confidently make the high-risk decision to begin food manufacturing.

Redefine clean together with Ugene where meeting your Food Safety Goals just got a little easier. Every food company or food manufacturing plant may have a different strategy for environmental monitoring. As a part of that strategy there may be different components that should be monitored as a part of the comprehensive program.

The supply of food that is safe for consumption is dependent upon food manufacturers either:

  • Undertaking End Product Testing – effective final product analysis requires the examination of large numbers of samples to be meaningful which is generally cost prohibitive and not the case.  Normally, testing is performed on small sample numbers which are not sufficient to obtain statistically meaningful results

  • Ensuring that food preparation areas are clean and sanitized has now become an integral part of food safety programs.  The performance of hygiene monitoring of:

  1. Food preparation areas

  2. Water sources

  3. Food packaging areas

  4. Food storage areas

Is critical to ensuring food is safe for customer, particularly when final product testing is not performed or is only performed on small samples. Cleaning, sanitizing and the monitoring of these programs is building quality and safety into products during manufacturing.

Despite Cleaning and Sanitizing procedures being implemented :

  • Food residues

  • Food allergens

  • Micro organisms

  • Biofilms

  • Chemical residues

may still remain on surfaces after cleaning.

The monitoring of food preparation surfaces and equipment and water sources assists manufacturers in:

  • Determining that cleaning and sanitizing activities are effective and being performed correctly by staff.

  • Provide valuable production information which:

  1. Ensures that all key areas are being cleaned

  2. Can maximize production time, reduce shut downs

  3. Ensure that cross contamination of products is not occurring i.e. raw materials with final product

The cost of investing in cleaning and sanitizing programs and their monitoring is ultimately less than the costs associated with such programs or the ineffective application of these programs which can result in:

  • Production shut down

  • Product recalls

  • Damage to brand

  • Litigation

Contact Ugene Lab and allow us to help design a meaningful and cost effective hygiene monitoring program for your company that will guarantee the future of your business.


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