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Creating a positive Food Safety culture

One of the most important things that a Food Safety culture can do for your organisation is protect your consumers. Find out what is Food Safety culture, why it is important and the tools available to help you and your business.

The Role of Food Safety in Protecting Your Brand

Food Safety is a primary focus for every food manufacturer. However, while a lot of effort is put into food safety processes and procedures, many of these don’t account for a key risk: human behaviour. This is where creating a food safety culture based around hygiene can help.

A food safety culture is a unified mindset across the organization that puts food safety at the forefront of everything done within the business, both physically and mentally.

Food Safety is a commitment that goes beyond compliance. It stems from the creation of a strong Food Safety culture where everyone in the organisation ensures the food they make or serve is safe for the customer. Over time, good food safety practices become the normal way of doing things and a personal pride.

An organisation with a strong positive food safety culture demonstrates to its employees and customers that making safe food is an important commitment.

Food Safety involves a range of steps including:

  • Proper receipt and handling of raw materials through HACCP programs etc

  • A good food safety program within a business which should start at the top but needs everyone's support across the business

  • Implementation of good hygiene practises throughout the business and a hygiene monitoring program

  • Testing of ingredients and final food products to ensure that they are safe for use and consumption

Food Safety should not be considered a cost to a business but an investment in the future of the business.

A good Food Safety Program should protect:

  • consumers from foodborne illness

  • your brand's reputation

  • your business from financial loss

Ugene Laboratory Services can provide all food manufacturers with a comprehensive Microbiological Testing Service including bacterial counts, yeasts and moulds and food pathogens and a Chemistry Service including nutritional analysis, heavy metal determinations, preservatives etc, both of which can form integral parts of your Food Safety Program. In addition, our staff are also qualified to perform Hygiene Audits.

Get in touch with us to find out more on how we can help you perform a food safety audit and ensure the future of your business.


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