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We are seeking a highly motivated individual to join our company. This position is an excellent opportunity for the right candidate to advance his/her career in a laboratory while learn and develop your skills in a team-oriented environment.
This entry level opportunity is an important role at our world class Industrial Microbiological Testing Laboratory. You will be tasked with delivering high quality, accurate and timely testing to our
customers who span a variety of industries.
- Perform microbiological testing of food, Chinese medicine, water and other.
- Prepare media/reagent for lab use.
- Perform quality control checks on media, work environment, and equipment.
- Operate robot for lab testing.
- Register/prepare samples and generate reports using the Laboratory Information Management System.
- Maintain a clean and orderly lab environment.

- Diploma in Biotechnology/Food Science or a related field is required.
- Language: English and Mandarin (for liaising with Mandarin-speaking clients)
- Highly motivated individual who acts with integrity
- Keen interest in working at a laboratory
- Organized person with the ability to follow detailed operational procedures closely
- Attention to detail and able to consistently perform work accurately according to our high standards
- Able to work 5.5 days per week

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Technical Officer

Technical Officer

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